About Moi

I’ve been a communications consultant and trainer for nearly 30 years, but I have been writing since I was just 15. After contributing to a community newspaper in my teens, in my home city of Birmingham, I was first ‘properly’ published during a gap year when I edited and wrote for a community activist magazine in Oxford. During that time I also had a chapter published in an anthology – my first ‘proper’ book – and the University even paid me for it! Since then I’ve become a successful author, writing jargon-free books on a wide range of marketing and communications topics. My books aim to empower the reader. I also write on miniaturism, my hobby and passion – one book so far and monthly features in Dolls’ House and Miniature Scene Magazine.

As a consultant I’ve helped charities and small businesses to make a bigger impact on a small budget and to improve their service for their clients. I passionately believe in great customer service and I want to help other organisations to be as good as they can be.

Aside from all of that, I’m also an experienced non-executive director. I have held a range of non-executive positions over the last 12 years and currently I am on the Scottish Ambulance Service Board, the Scottish Police Authority Board, the Court of Edinburgh Napier University and the Board of Education Scotland.

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